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Beth Custer
In The Broken Fields Where I Lie
Dona Luz 30 Besos

Besides being a talented clarinetist (she can be heard on my CD "The Whole World") and amazing vocalist, Beth Custer is also a composer, performer, and teacher who writes for television, film, theater, and dance. She's been making the scene in San Francisco for over 18 years, a key member of numerous ensembles such as the notorius Club Foot Orchestra the ethnoambient Trance Mission, and trip hop duo Eighty Mile Beach.
In recent years, Beth Custer has taken her unconventional, intelligent music to new heights with two CDs: Dona Luz 30 Besos and In the Broken Fields Where I Lie.

In The Broken Fields Where I Lie
(1999) BC Records 32 tks
$12 CD

In The Broken Fields Where I Lie includes music written for the Club Foot Orchestra, the Joe Goode Performance Group, excerpts from soundtrack for the film Virtue, live recordings from the Vinculum Chamber Concerts and a Duke Ellington cover by Clarinet Thing. Just read the titles for a peek into her original and funny mind...

Tracks: Carnyville
Purdy Lily, Don't Die!
Brenda's Music Box
In the Broken Fields Where I Lie
Echoes of Harlem
Rich Blanket of Love
Stay Put, Here With Me
Tribal Duets / Petnapping
Don't Send Me Down That Hole!
Rough Rider
Hide Fox, and All After
Rest, Perturbed Spirit
To Sleep, Perchase, to Dream
Tango Me Not
Petnapping #2
Clean Your Room
Stellar Glimmer
Going Hence, Coming Hither
Virtue / Sotto / Hannah's Groove / Spray Twinkle / Momus / Aristocratic Ruffian / Passing Quartet / Throw Stones at a Can / I Will Be Sad in This Life / Brenda's Music Box, Too / In the Broken Fields Where I Lie, II

Dona Luz 30 Besos
(2000) City of Tribes Records
9 tks
$12 CD

Here's what SF Examiner music critic Phillip Elwood, said "BETH CUSTER is among the brightest, most talented and creative musicians on the Bay Area's music scene. Her accomplishments during her 20-year San Francisco residency as a multi-instrumentalist, composer and conductor - documented on her 10 CDs - have, for years, impressed the world's new-music community, making her name synonymous with the best and most adventurous of the Bay Area's cutting-edge musical sounds.

Tracks: One Direction
O Fredonia
Brenda's Music Box
Gato Feo
In The Broken Fields Where I Lie
Long Time Now
Break A Law A Day
Rich Blanket Of Love
Cloud Poof