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p's top 10+

penelope's favorites
(that aren't already in my girlshop)

Here's a few recordings that turn me on! And make me cry.

A Girl Called Eddy this beautiful CD so Dusty
The Moore Brothers - Now is the Time for Love
Bart Davenport Marroon Cocoon His newest CD .
Neko Case - Furnace Room Lullaby
Nick Cave - Abattoir Blues
Maximilian Hecker - Rose
Sparklehorse - Good Morning Spider Check out track 2.
Cardigans - Long gone before daylight
Mike Levy - Fireflies Ex-Sneetches beautiful solo CD.
Chuck Prophet - Homemade Blood Chuck's best.
American Music Club - Everclear still makes me cry.

I'll be updating this list as it occurs to me... I really don't listen to much music at all, so you know it's got to be special.

penelope's favorite sounds
(that are in my girlshop)

Virginia Dare Baby Got Away
Beth Custer Dona Luz 30 Besos,
Bonfire Madigan Saddle the Bridge,
Jean Caffiene Idea Fixe,
Exgirl Kero, Kero, Kero
Handsome 3Some Cute girls,
Barbara Manning Homeless Where the Heart Is,
Ukebox Yuketide,