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penelope 's complete discography

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with the avengers

The Avengers 3-song EP Dangerhouse (1977)
The Avengers 4-song EP White Noise (1979)
The Avengers 13 song LP/16 song CD/MC CD Presents (1981)
The Avengers Died For Your Sins 18 song LP/CD Lookout! Records (2000)
Zero Hour LP 8 live tracks Get Back Italy (2003)
The American in Me 12 song CD DBK Works (2004)
Car Crash 3-song 7" reissue Superior Viaduct (2012)
Thin White Line 7" reissue Superior Viaduct (2012)
Teenage Rebel 7" reissue Superior Viaduct (2012)
The Avengers "Pink Album" LP reissue 4 Men with Beards (2012)
The Avengers "Pink Album" 2xCD w/ bonus disc Water (2012)

The Avengers on various compilations:
Rat Music for Rat People Vol. 1+2 CD Presents (1980) +(1982)
Dangerhouse Vol. 1 Frontier Records (1991)
Dangerhouse Vol. 2 Frontier Records (1992)
No Thanks Rhino Records (2003)
England's Dreaming Trikont Records (2004)
plus a dozen US and European bootlegs

Nice pictoral AV discog here


discography penelope houston post-avengers

-30- (Dash thirty dash)...7" records (1986)
Birdboys...LP/CD/MC Subterranean Records (1988)
On Borrowed Time (Live in Frisco)...MC id Records (1990)
500 Lucky Pieces...MC id Records (1991)
Sweetheart/ Glad I 'm a Girl...7"single Iloki Records (1992)
The Whole World...LP/CD/MC Heyday Records (1992)
Silk Purse...CD Return To Sender (Normal) (1993)
Take Care/ Corpus Christi...7"single Iloki Records (1993)
karmal apple...LP/CD Normal (1994)
Ride 4 song EP CD Normal (1994)
Crazy Baby...CD Return To Sender (Normal) (1994)
Cut You...LP/CD/MC WEA/Reprise (1996)
Glad I 'm a girl CD single 4 songs WEA (1996)
Sweetheart CD single WEA (1996)
Sweetheart promo CD single Reprise (1996)
Sweetheart (summer mix) promo CD single WEA (1996)
Tongue... CD ... WEA (1998) / Reprise (1999)
Scum CD single ... WEA (1998) / Reprise (1999)
Tongue CD single ... WEA (1999)
Once In A Blue Moon... CD/LP ... Records/ Normal Records (2000)
Loners, Stoners and Prison Brides... CD ... Return To Sender (Normal) (2001)
eighteen stories down... "best of" CD ... WEA (2003)
Snap Shot...covers CD EP...(Flare (2003)
The Pale Green Girl ... 11 studio tracks DBKWorks (2004)
On Market Street ... CD/LP 11 studio tracks Devoted Ruins/Glitterhouse Records(2012)

Devouring Our Roots...LP/CD/MC Subterranean Records (1989)
All That Crimson & Rock 'n Roll Show SF band comp. w/ Wannabe Texans, Bedlam Rovers etc...
Acoustic Music Project CD/MC Alias Records (1991)
On Borrowed Time SF band comp. w/ Alex Chilton, Chuck Prophet, American Music Club, Barbara Manning etc
Auron 1 CD Musical Tomorrows (1993)
Behind your eyes a magazine & comp. w/ Jarboe, Freedy Johnson, Tish Hinojosa etc... Hit Me With A Flower CD SPEX (released in Germany) (1993)
Nina & Sweetheart SF neo-folk comp. w/ Barbara Manning, Chris Cacavas, A Subtle Plague, Swell etc.
That 's Pop Biz CD Pop Biz (released in Japan) (1993)
Father 's Day German label comp. w/ Super Conductor, The Residents, Thrillhammer Girl Trouble...
Live at SXSW CD SXSW Recording (1993)
On Borrowed Time austin live comp. w/ John Dee Graham, Chuck Prophet, Roger Manning, Milo Binder, etc...
Fingerprintz CD Kulturgelande Nonntal (released in Germany) (1994)
Maybe Love & Father 's Day live in Austria club comp. w/ Gun Club, Sister Double Happiness, 11th Dream Day...
Absolutely Live CD Almaviva Records (released in Germany) (1994)
Sweetheart live neo-folk comp. w/ Freakwater, Chris Cacavas, Townes Van Zandt, Walter Salas-Humara etc.
Audio CD-3 CD Audio Magazine (released in Greece) (1994)
Snakebite a magazine & comp. w/ Jeff Buckley, Laika, Sky Cries Mary The Bats, etc.
Glad I 'm A Girl CD House In Motion (released in Germany) (1995)
Sweetheart all girly comp. w/ Mary O 'neil, Lorette Velvette, Sara K., Carl Torgerson etc...
Girl 's Room vol. 1 CD Warner/Reprise (1995)
Glad I 'm a Girl comp. sold at clothing store! w/ Son Volt, Lush, Goo Goo Dolls, Belly, Babes In Toyland etc...
Return to Sender CD Normal (released in Germany) (1996)
Nina RTS comp. w/ Fellow Travelers, Chris Cacavas, Giant Sand, Sonya Hunter, Gutter Ball, FSK, Thinking Fellers Union, etc.
Grooves vol. 13 CD Sony (1996)
Sweetheart a magazine & comp. w/ Alejandro Escavedo, Cowboy Junkies, Roseanne Cash, Fugees, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan etc...
Huh vol. 18 & 20 CD Raygun (1996)
Fuzzy Throne & Sweetheart a magazine & comp. w/ Frank Black, Yoko Ono, Everclear, Superdrag, Roger Clinton etc...
Music Journalism Awards and Conference CD (1996)
Sweetheart conference comp. w/ The Beach Boys, The Posies, finn Brothers, Cherie Curie, Spilt Milk, etc...
Soundtrack Friends Again CD Reprise (2000)
plus Glad I 'm a Girl on Addicted to Noise presents new Reprise artists
Fuck Censorship CD label? comp. with/ Shootyz Groove, Nu Flavor, Deckard, Snake River Conspiracy, Mad Lion, Lou Reed
Cut You on WWW.tower & It 's The Music Stupid and many other Reprise giveaways