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penelope houston . tongue
(1998) WEA Germany, (1999) Reprise Records
Out of print
Please download from iTunes

Penelope says- "This is where I rock again!" The Rolling Stone (German edition) gave it 3***1/2 stars, while Music Express/Sounds gave it 5 stars! The US CD has 12 (+2 bonus tks) songs written by myself and Pat Johnson (from the Birdboys), Charlotte Caffey and Jane Weidlin (ex-GoGo's), and Chuck Prophet. The musicians include Chuck Prophet, Joel Reader, Jamie Lemoine, Tim Mooney (from AMC), Steve Bowman (ex-Counting Crows), Michael Papenburg (from Lilyvolt), Marc Capelle (from the Kinetics), Charlotte Caffey, Jane Wiedlin, and Julian Smedley. It's produced by Jeffrey Wood and myself. The 2 bonus tracks are: New Day (featuring Billie Joe Armstrong on guitar/producing) and a David Kahne remix of Scum.
Spin calls it "...the album the Cardigans only dream of making."
Stereo Review 4**** "Smart and charismatic, sexy as hell."
Pulse 4**** "consistently fine"

Tracks: click on any song to see lyrics
1. grand prix
2. tongue
3. scum
4. things
5. the ballad of happy friday and tiger woods
6. my angel lost her wings
7. worm
8. crushing
9. hundertwasser 567
10. frankenstein heart
11. dolly
12. subway
13. scum (remix) (bonus track)
14. new day (bonus track)

Recorded at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA in1998. Produced by Penelope and Jeffrey Wood.