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Vinyl LPs, singles and other curios.

Shipping in US $3 per 7", $5 per LP. Shipping FAQ.

 Penelope Houston - On Market Street, 2012

Penelope Houston -- On Market Street
on 12" black vinyl LP 180 gram Glitterhouse Germany

Penelope Houston's seventh studio album On Market Street
was incubated for seven years and recorded in seven months
at the San Francisco Bay Area's prestigious Fantasy Studios.
The award-winning singer/songwriter who cut her teeth in the
legendary punk band The Avengers has turned to tales of
revenge and forgiveness, of love both sanctified and illicit.

LP $25 + shipping

The Avengers -- We Are the One EP
b/w I believe in Me + Car Crash

on 7" black vinyl+ picture sleeve
2012 RSD reprint on Superior Viaduct 11$ incl US postage
Their first 7-inch remains an essential artifact of punk rock.
Originally released on the seminal Dangerhouse label,
the EP's three tracks feature visceral sonic attacks, lyrical
manifestos of self-reliance, and classic anthemic choruses.
Cover photography by Marcus Leatherdale. The black vinyl
standard edition comes with the "crucifix" design.

The Avengers -- Paint it Black b/w Thin White Line
on 7" black vinyl+ picture sleeve
2012 RSD reprint on Superior Viaduct 11$ incl US postage
Their second 7-inch packs a 1-2 punch that tears
through the Stones' classic and unleashes the
menace that was only hinted at in the original.
The B-side "Thin White Line" is a musical punch in the
gut with the pay-off of lead-singer Penelope's excellent
"Don't talk about the blood running down my chin" lyric.

The Avengers -- Teenage Rebel b/w Friends of Mine
on 7" black vinyl+ picture sleeve
2012 RSD reprint on Superior Viaduct 11$ incl US postage
"Teenage Rebel" remains the anthem for every disaffected
youth on the planet. Not included on the infamous
Pink album, this song is a two-minute package of pure
adolescent vitriol. Backed with "Friends of Mine," a
declaration of solidarity for the punks of San Francisco.
Recorded in 1978 at the famed Iguana Studios on Folsom St.

Avengers Singles bundle.

We Are The One
Teenage Rebel
Paint it Black
on 7" black vinyl + picture sleeves

Just 30$ includes US postage

-30- single Pronounced "dash thirty dash"
(1986) id Records

7" vinyl 45rpm is the first release for id. Limited pressing of 500.
B/W sleeve. These collector's items are new and unplayed.
Both tracks were later released on "Birdboys"
full of wonder b/w out of my life
7" single $6 + shipping

The Wellsprings of Hope single
(1993) on id records
Collectable out-of-print 7" vinyl single Soulful blues from
SF songwriter Pat Johnson (long-time co-writer of Penelope)
and featuring Tim Hesla, Alec Palou (Sneetches) and
Jimb Lyons (Spot 1019).Produced by Greg Freeman and
Pat Johnson. Cover drawing by SF cartoonist Brad Johnson.
In every copy a vintage id records catalog.
7" single $4 + shipping
once in a blue moon LP
(1994) Normal (Germany)

Penelope Houston
Heartbreaking and rare compilation with 9 tracks from the
out of print CDs "Silk Purse" (1993) and "Crazy Baby" (1994)
plus 6 more songs recorded as demos for Tongue but
never released at all.
LP $14 + shipping Also on CD

Devouring Our Roots LP
Subterranean Records (1990) Various
A compilation of six bay area bands that spearheaded the
folk rock movement of that time. Featuring 2 tracks each
from Penelope, Wannabe Texans, Bedlam Rovers,
Longshoremen, The Muskrats, and Terminators of Endearment.
"Despite the 'new folk' appellation... the roots of this music
burrow at least as deeply into punk as any traditional music."
BAM Magazine 1990.
LP $12 + shipping Also on CD

Komotion International LP
(1988) on Raizer X Records Various

A compilation of twelve Bay Area artists on 12" vinyl LP
featuring tracks from Penelope Houston (a live version of voices)
Sister Double Happiness, Beatnigs, Looters, Yeastie Girlz,
World Entertainment War, Peter Plate and more.

LP $14 + shipping

Devouring Our Roots Cassette Subterranean Records (1990)
A comp. of 6 bay area bands, 2 tracks each from Penelope
Wannabe Texans, Bedlam Rovers, Longshoremen
The Muskrats, and The Terminators of Endearment.
Sale $7 Tape Also on CD
Birdboys Cassette
Penelope Houston
(1988) Subterranean Records 13 tracks
Sale $7 Tape Also on CD

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