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penelope houston . cut you
(1995) Warners Germany, Reprise Records
Out of print, but available for download from iTunes

Cut You; the soundtrack to a thinking persons life.

Newsweek- "In this era of Alanises and Courtneys, of screechers and Top-40 rage queens, we need to invent a new genre for Penelope Houston... smart, literate music made without compromise."

Oakland Tribune 31/2*** a thoroughly tasty pop-rock treat. ...catchy beats, lilting melodies and a voice that just won't quit."

Billboard- "like a beam of sunlight on a dreary winter morning. A rare find."

Rolling Stone- 3*** It's never too late to become a rediscovered legend. Tied together with
gossamer vocals and lyrics that invert the accusations of punk. The result is inspiring Now, Houston finally displays the strength to face whatever demons lie beyond anger."

Raygun- "smart, articulate and devoid of artifice."

Paper- "Her razor-sharp wit, multidimensional music and singular voice make her a wise and welcome presence."

Penelope's first major-label record.

Tracks. Click on song title for lyrics
1. secret sign
2. sweetheart
3. scratch by Mary O'Neil
4. locket
5. fuzzy throne
6. ride
7. harry dean
8. waiting room by Pat Johnson
9. qualities of mercy
10. fall back
11. pull
12. glad im a girl
13. white out
14. cut you

Recorded at Different Fur Studios, San Francisco in1996
Produced by Penelope and Jeffrey Wood.