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rarities presents:
The Brood
Beyond the Valley of the Brood

(2000) (Dionysus Records) 16 tks
$10 CD

The Brood's 4th album contains that kind of rockin' action that won't let fans of rock & roll, garageband music and girl bands down! This 16-tk wonder contains some of the bands best original material and some tasty covers. You know you're gonna love it!

Beyond the Valley of The Brood is a mock soundtrack to a film starring an all-girl band called The Swizzle Chicks and I do believe that Russ Meyer would be proud of the attitude, angst and sex appeal delivered on this album. Front-woman Chris Horne's ultra snotty, Jaggeresque vocals and distorto-fuzz guitar have never sounded nastier. Betsy and Crystal drive out a tough yet groovy rhythm while Asch's haunting organ fills in the gaps to provide a very authentic 60's sounding garage band style. The mop-topped beatle-booted 6Ts-punk purists will dig this like a new paisley shirt. Like most Brood LPs, there are several slower tempo pissed-off-with-your-latest-flame teen ballads, as well as a very cool maraca shakin' bump and grind instro for added sex appeal.

Tracks: Don't you stand In My Way
Got Love If You Want It
Want-a-love You
Gonna Make You See
Lost Little Girl
You Lied
Pink Pussycat
Ain't That Love
Come On, Come On
I Love Him So
Keep Me Satisfied
Seven Days Of Crying
Never The Same
Your Body, Not Your Soul
And I Wonder
I Don't Need Your Lovin'